Shin-Da Lee
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Shin-Da Lee
Job title Professor
Office I407
Office number 5101; 5100
Ph.D., Department of Physical Therapy & Exercise Science, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
M.S., Department of Physical Therapy & Exercise Science, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
B.S. In Physical Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical College, Taiwan
2016-current Dean, College of Medical and Health Sciences, Asia University
2008-current Professor, China Medical University, Taiwan
2013-current Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Science (MS Program), China Medical University, Taiwan
2013-current Professor, Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine (PhD program), China Medical University, Taiwan
2013-current Adjunct Professor, Department of Healthcare Administration, Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan
2014-2015 Professor and Dean for International and Public Affairs, China Medical University
2012-current Vice President, Taiwan Development Institute
2010-current President, Society of Adaptive Science in Taiwan
2011-2013 Professor and Dean of International Affair, China Medical University
2008-2011 Departmental Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Science, China Medical University, Taiwan
2006-2008 Associate Professor, Department Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, China Medical University, Taiwan
2005-2006 Associate Professor, School of Physical Therapy, Chung Shan Medical University
2001-2005 Assistant professor, School of Physical Therapy, Chung Shan Medical University
Area of Research
Exercise rehabilitation research, sleep research, aging research, obesity research, hypertension
Research, diabetes research, stroke research, neurodegenerative research, rehabilitation medical equipment
Material invention, rehabilitation research, mental health rehabilitation research, mental health disease rehabilitation research
(more than 140 international medical papers and 5 domestic and foreign patents)
Year Paper Title
2022 Nguyen Thanh Nhu、Shu-Yun Xiao、Yijie Liu、V. Bharath Kumar、Zhen-Yang Cui、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Neuroprotective Effects of a Small Mitochondrially-Targeted Tetrapeptide Elamipretide in Neurodegeneration, Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience
2021 Yu-Kuei Teng、Chi-Wu Chang、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, A Multi-Component Physiotherapeutic Intervention among Schoolchildren with Myopia: 3D-Based Vision Training Program with Auditory Frequency Entrainment and Electrical Stimulation, Applied Sciences-Basel, vol.12 no.1 pp.201-
2021 Nguyen Thanh Nhu、 Qing Li、 Yijie Liu、Jian Xu、Shu-Yun Xiao、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Effects of Mdivi-1 on Neural Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Mitochondria-Mediated Apoptosis in Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury After Stroke: A Systematic Review of Preclinical Studies., Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, vol.14 pp.778569-
2021 Shao-Hong Yu、Hui Fu、Yan-Yan Yin、Zhao-Di Yue、Yi-Bo Liu、Ren-Jie Zhao、Bing-Yu Du、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Synergistic anti-atherosclerotic effect of Yerba Mate (Illex Paraguariensis) polyphenols and Lox-1 silencing in foam cell model, TROPICAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH, vol.20 no.9 pp.1915-1923
2021 B.Mahalakshmi、Chih-Yang Huang、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、Nancy Maurya、Rudolf kiefer、Bharath Kumar(Bharath Kumar)*, Review of Danshen: From its metabolism to possible mechanisms of its biological activities., Journal of Functional Foods, vol.85 pp.104613-
2021 白培英(Pei-Ying Pai)、Yi-Yuan Lin、Shao-Hong Yu、Ching-Yuang Lin、Yi-Fan Liou、Xu-Bo Wu、黃國書(James KS Wong)、黃志揚(Huang, Chih-Yang)、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker Irbesartan Attenuates Sleep Apnea-induced Cardiac Apoptosis and Enhances Cardiac Survival and Sirtuin 1 Upregulation, Sleep and Breathing
2021 Hsin-Yu Mao、Meng-Tzu Hu、Yea-Yin Yen、Shou-Jen Lan、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Kinesio Taping Relieves Pain and Improves Isokinetic Not Isometric Muscle Strength in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis-A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol.18 no.19 pp.10440-
2021 Nguyen Thanh Nhu、Yu-Jung Cheng、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Effects of Treadmill Exercise on Neural Mitochondrial Functions in Parkinson’s Disease: A Systematic Review of Animal Studies, Biomedicines, vol.9 no.8 pp.1011-
2021 Chun-Ming Hsieh、Wan-Chen Lin、Hsien-Yu Peng、Huang-Chung Chen、Yu-Cheng Ho、Chi-Jui Li、Xi-Guan Wu、Jen-Yi Chung、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*、Tzer-Bin Lin, Shoulder transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation decreases heart rate via potentiating vagal tone, Scientific Reports, vol.11 no.1 pp.19168-
2021 Min-Huang Hsieh、Zhen-Yang Cui、Ai-Lun Yang、Nguyen Thanh Nhu、Shih-Ying Ting、Shao-Hong Yu、Yu-Jung Cheng、Yi-Yuan Lin、Xu-Bo Wu、Shin-Da Lee(Shin-Da Lee)*, Cerebral Cortex Apoptosis in Early Aged Hypertension: Effects of Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, vol.13 pp.705304-
2021 Yi-Jie Liu、Zhen-Yang Cui、Ai-Lun Yang、Amadou W Jallow、Hai-Liang Huang、Chun-Lei Shan、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Anti-apoptotic and pro-survival effect of exercise training on early aged hypertensive rat cerebral cortex, Aging-US, vol.13 no.16 pp.20495-20510
2021 Amadou W. Jallow、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*、何玉山(Ho, Yuh-Shan), Classic articles in Apoptotic Research: A Bibliometric Analysis, COLLNET JOURNAL OF SCIENTOMETRICS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, vol.15 no.1 pp.1-19
2021 Shi-Jie Huang、 Shin-Yi Lee、 Yi-Hsien Teng、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、 Yu-Jung Cheng( Yu-Jung Cheng)*, Photobiomodulation Therapy to Promote Angiogenesis in Diabetic Mice with Hindlimb Ischemia, Photobiomodulation Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, vol.39 no.7 pp.453-462
2021 李舒萍(Shu-Ping Lee)、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Possible Mechanism of Aerobic Exercise Training on Post-menopausal Hearts: Anti-inflammation, Anti-apoptosis, and Anti-fibrosis, International Journal of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, vol.7 pp.173-
2021 Michael Anekson Widjaya、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*、Yuh-Shan Ho, Impactful factors and research design in CRISPR-edited stem cell research from top 10 highly cited articles., Stem Cell Research & Therapy, vol.12 pp.411-
2021 Shiu-Min Cheng、V Bharath Kumar、Liang-Yi Wu、Hsiao-Chuan Chang、Chia-Hua Kuo、Li-Shan Wei、Yueh-Min Lin、V Vijaya Padma、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*、Chih-Yang Huang, Anti-apoptotic and pro-survival effects of longan flower extracts on rat hearts with fructose-induced metabolic syndrome., ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.36 pp.1021-1030
2021 Kunanya Masodsai、Yi-Yuan Lin、Sih-Yin Lin、Chia-Ting Su、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、Ai-Lun Yang(Ai-Lun Yang)*, Aging Additively Influences Insulin-and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1-Mediated Endothelial Dysfunction and Antioxidant Deficiency in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats., Biomedicines
2021 Jessie Chao-Yun Chi、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、Ren-Jing Huang、Ching-Hsiang Lai、Stanley Yung Liu、Yih-Jeng Tsai、Po-Han Fu、Hua Ting(Hua Ting)*, CPAP Treatment Improves Pure Tone Audiometry Threshold in Sensorineural Hearing Loss Patients with Sleep-Disordered Breathing., International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol.18 pp.6768-
2021 Cheng-Ju Wu、Hua Ting、Chuan-Chao Lin、Yi-Chung Chen、Ming-Che Chao、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Efficacy of Joint Mobilization Apparatus in Treating Frozen Shoulder., Applied Sciences-Basel, vol.11 pp.4184-
2021 Ruisheng Yun、Yiwen Bai、Yan Lu、Xubo Wu、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, How Breathing Exercises Influence on Respiratory Muscles and Quality of Life among Patients with COPD? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis., Canadian Respiratory Journal, vol.29 pp.1904231-
2020 Jia-Wen Cui、Yi Hong、Yu-Min Kuo、Shao-Hong Yu、Xu-Bo Wu、Zhen-Yang Cui、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Voluntary exercise training attenuated the middle-aged maturity-induced cardiac apoptosis, LIFE SCIENCES, vol.259 no.118187
2020 Thi Phuong Le、Ya-Ling Tzeng、Chih-Hsin Muo、丁化(Hua Ting)、Fung-Chang Sung、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、Yu-Kuei Teng(Yu-Kuei Teng)*, Risk of hearing loss in patients with fibromyalgia: A nationwide population-based retrospective cohort study, PLoS One, vol.15 no.9 pp.1-14
2020 B Mahalakshmi、Nancy Maurya、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、V. Bharath Kumar(V. Bharath Kumar)*, Possible Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Physical Exercise in Neurodegeneration, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.21 no.16
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2020 Ching-Hsiang Lai、Ren-Jing Huang、James Kok-Suh Wong、Shen-Wen Chang、Ai-Hui Chung、Yung-Chun Chi、Yi-Chen Yu、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、丁化(Hua Ting)*, Confounded by obesity and modulated by urinary uric acid excretion, sleep-disordered breathing indirectly relates to hyperuricaemia in males: A structural equation model., JOURNAL OF SLEEP RESEARCH pp.e13108-
2020 Hsin-Yu Mao、Hui-Chuan Hsu、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Gender differences in related influential factors of regular exercise behavior among people in Taiwan in 2007: A cross-sectional study, PLoS One, vol.15 no.1 pp.e0228191.-
2020 林懿苑(Yi-Yuan Lin)、Yi Hong、Ming-Cheng Zhou、Hai-Liang Huang、徐偉成(Woei-Cherng Shyu)、陳卓昇(Jwo-Sheng Chen)、丁化(Hua Ting)、鄭宇容(Yu-Jung Cheng)、楊艾倫(Ai-Lun Yang)、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Exercise training attenuates cardiac inflammation and fibrosis in hypertensive ovariectomized rats, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY, vol.128 no.4 pp.1033-1043
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2020 鄭秀敏(Shiu-Min Cheng)、Ying-Jui Ho、Shao-Hong Yu、劉億帆(Yi-Fan Liu)、林懿苑(Yi-Yuan Lin)、黃志揚(Chih-Yang Huang)、歐秀中(Hsiu-chung Ou)、Hai-liang Huang、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Anti-Apoptotic Effects of Diosgenin in D-Galactose-Induced Aging Brain, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CHINESE MEDICINE, vol.48 no.2 pp.391-406
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2019 林懿苑(Yi-Yuan, Lin)、洪怡(Yi, Hong)、Shao-Hong Yu、吳緒波(Xu-Bo, Wu)、徐偉成、陳卓昇(Jwo-Sheng, Chen)、丁化(Hua, Ting)、楊艾倫(Ai-Lun, Yang)、李信達(Shin-Da Lee)*, Antiapoptotic and mitochondrial biogenetic effects of exercise training on ovariectomized hypertensive rat hearts., JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY, vol.126 no.6 pp.1661-1672
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2016 黃志揚(Chih-yang Huang)、Yi-Yuan Lin、Chih-Chao Hsu、鄭秀敏(Shiu-Min Cheng)、Woei-Cherng Shyu、Hua Ting、Ai-Lun Yang、Tsung-Jung Ho、李信達(Shin Da Lee)*, Antiapoptotic effect of exercise training on ovariectomized rat hearts, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY, vol.121 no.2 pp.457-465
2016 李信達(Lee SD)、KUO Wei-wen、HO Ying-Jui、LIN Ann-chi、DAY Cecilia Hsuan、Viswanadha Vijaya Padma、WANG Hsueh Fang、KUO Chia-hua、LAI Chao-hung、黃志揚(Chih-yang Huang)*, Therapeutic effects of Dioscorea on post-menopause-induced cardiac apoptosis in rats., Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine pp.1-8
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Year Book Title
2014 李信達(Shin Da Lee), 救命睡眠:健康出問題,都是「睡不好」惹的禍!睡眠醫學權威教你如何睡出健康的祕訣, 平安文化, 2014/11
Project Title Participator Period
探討Rhodiola crenulata 對睡眠呼吸中止症腦部產生幹細胞、血管增生及抗凋亡的相關途徑和機轉 (ASIA-109-CMUH-32) 李信達(Shin-Da Lee) 2020.11 ~ 2021.10
Irbesartan對高血壓大鼠引發心臟細胞凋亡及存活訊息途徑之影響 (ASIA-108-CMUH-21) 李信達(Shin-Da Lee) 2019.11 ~ 2020.10
智慧高血壓治療設備開發 (ASIA-107-AUH-02) 李信達(Shin-Da Lee) 2019.04 ~ 2020.03
Irbesartan對睡眠呼吸中止症大鼠引發心臟細胞凋亡及存活訊息途徑之影響 (ASIA-106-CMUH-05) 李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、白培英(Pei-Ying Pai)、黃國書(Kuo-Shu Huang) 2017.09 ~ 2018.08
運動對高血壓大鼠的抗腎纖維化途徑與治療機轉 (ASIA-105-CMUH-06) 李信達(Shin-Da Lee)、黃秋錦(Chiu-Ching, Huang) 2016.10 ~ 2017.09
Award Name Awarding Unit
107年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
106年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
105年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
104年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
103年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
102年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
101年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
100年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
中華民國第48屆十大傑出青年(醫學研究類) 國際青年商會中華民國總會
99年度國科會補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才 科技部
Publish Date Patent Title Patent Number
2021/12/21 憂鬱症患者用復健輔助系統 中華民國發明專利:I751097
2021/04/21 坐式腰椎牽引及椎間盤按摩設備 中華民國發明專利:I725704
2020/06/21 聽力訓練輔助設備 中華民國發明專利:I696453
2020/03/21 關節鬆動設備 中華民國發明專利:I688379
2019/10/01 視力訓練輔助設備 中華民國發明專利:I673047
2019/06/13 聽力訓練輔助設備 大陸地區發明專利:ZL 2019 1 0510062.X
Transfer name Patent number Transfer unit Period Principal
復健診所開設規劃合約書 TR00000081 生物科技學系 及 鉌亞大興業股份有限公司 2017/12/25 ~ 2019/11/29 Shin-Da Lee
新醫療設備開發: 穿戴式五十肩雷射針灸與關節鬆動治療裝置開發與療效 TR00000105 職能治療學系 及 信咚企業股份有限公司 2018/11/01 ~ 2021/10/31 Shin-Da Lee
聽力訓練輔助設備 TR00000122 物理治療學系 及 亮眼科技股份有限公司 2020/06/20 ~ 2040/06/19 Shin-Da Lee