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Career Opportunities

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-Career Opportunities-

Clinic service

1. Physical therapists work in the hospitals (public and private hospitals), institutions, private company (e.g., HBC mobile company), developmental center, and special school.

2. Physical therapists who master in specific fields (such as burn care centers, security centers, nursing homes) and work in the related department or institution of hospital.

3. Physical therapists work as community PT or home visit PT to provide community service and home care service.

4. Physical therapists open their own business.

Research and Education  

1. Colleges and universities.

2. Related medical center and research units.

Medical Equipment

Participate in the research and development of medical devices or equipment.

Continuous Education

1.You could choose areas of interest, such as biomechanics, physiology, anatomy, public health, medical engineering, medical management, sports medicine, rehabilitation engineering, assistive devices and other related medicines to be further trained as PT in specialized expertise.       

 2. Study graduated programs in domestic and foreign countries.

Medical consultant

Consultation service-consultation on sports, health care, treatment, injury prevention, and work ability.


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