Yan-Nian Chen
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Yan-Nian Chen
Job title Assistant Professor
Office 8040
Office number 48040
Ph.D., Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
M.Sc., Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
B.S., Department of Physical Therapy , National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Research fellow, Show Chwan Health Care System, Taiwan
Postdoctoral research fellow, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Consultant, Innovation Incubation Center, National University of Tainan, Taiwan
Design Engineer, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, Tai
Area of Research Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Biomechanics, Medical Device, Computer Aided Engineering
Portfolio https://research.asia.edu.tw/TchEportfolio/index_1/108100040
Year Paper Title
2023 陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien)*、Pei-Yuan Lee, Mechanical behaviors of titanium, nickel-titanium, and stainless elastic intramedullary nail in fixation of tibial diaphyseal fractures, INJURY-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE CARE OF THE INJURED, vol.54 no.12, 2023
2023 Chih-Wei Chang、陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien)、Hung-Chih Chang、Chun-Ting Li, Biomechanical comparison of different screw-included angles in crossing screw fixation for transverse patellar fracture in level walking: a quasi-dynamic finite element study, Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, 2023
2022 Guan-Heng Jhong、Yu-Hsuan Chung、Chun-Ting Li、陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien)、Chih-Wei Chang、Chih-Han Chang, Numerical Comparison of Restored Vertebral Body Height after Incomplete Burst Fracture of the Lumbar Spine, Journal of Personalized Medicine, 2022
2022 陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、常閎志(Hung-Chih Chang)、楊岱樺(Tai-Hua Yang)、張嘉容(Chia-Jung Chang)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、城致軒(Chih-Hsien Chen), Triangular configuration with headless compression screws in the fixation of transverse patellar fracture, INJURY-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE CARE OF THE INJURED, vol.53 no.2 pp.698-705, 2022
2022 Ming-Chou Ku、Yuan-Hsin Tsai、Po-Cheng Cheng、Ting-I Yang、Hui-Wen Ho、Min-Fei Liao、Yu-Tzu Tseng、Ming-Tsung Lee、陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien), After Total Knee Arthroplasty, Monitored Active Ankle Pumping Improves Lower Leg Circulation More Than Unmonitored Pumping: A Pilot Study, Applied Sciences-Basel, 2022
2021 陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien)、張志偉(Chang Chih Wei), Computational comparison of three different cage porosities in posterior lumbar interbody fusion with porous cage, COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, vol.139, 2021
2020 張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、鍾玉軒(Yu-Hsuan Chung)、張嘉容(Chia-Jung Chang)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)*、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang), Computational comparison of bone cement and poly aryl-ether-ether-ketone spacer in single-segment posterior lumbar interbody fusion: a pilot study., AUSTRALASIAN PHYSICAL & ENGINEERING SCIENCES IN MEDICINE, vol.43 no.1 pp.163-173, 2020
2020 陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien)、莊昌翰( Chang-Han Chuang)、楊岱樺( Tai-Hua Yang)、張志偉( Chih-Wei Chang)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、張嘉容(Chia-Jung Chang)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang), Computational comparison of different plating strategies in medial open-wedge high tibial osteotomy with lateral hinge fractures, Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, 2020
2020 張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、城致軒(Chih-Hsien Chen)、李俊廷、陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien)、楊岱樺(Tai-Hua Yang)、張嘉容(Chia-Jung Chang)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang), Role of an additional third screw in the fixation of transverse patellar fracture with two parallel cannulated screw and anterior wire, BMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS, 2020
2019 陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、城致軒(Chih-Hsien Chen)、鍾啟榮(Chi-Rung Chung)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng), Biomechanical investigation of the type and configuration of screws used in high tibial osteotomy with titanium locking plate and screw fixation, Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, vol.14 no.1 pp.35-, 2019
2019 李俊廷(Chun-Tin Li)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、蔡彥廷(Yen-Ting Tseng)、蔡昆宏(Kuen-Horng Tsai), Biomechanical analysis of different dynamic sitting techniques: an exploratory study, Biomedical Engineering Online, vol.18 no.1 pp.4-, 2019
2019 張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、李俊廷( Chun-Ting Li)、鍾啟榮(Chi-Rung Chung)、曾崇智(Chung?Chih Tseng)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng), Biomechanical investigation of tibial tubercle osteotomy fixed with various screw configurations, INJURY-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE CARE OF THE INJURED, vol.50 no.2 pp.263-271, 2019
2019 城致軒(Chih-Hsien Chen)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng), Roles of the screw types, proximity and anterior band wiring in the surgical fixation of transverse patellar fractures: a finite element investigation, BMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS, vol.20 no.1 pp.99-, 2019
2019 陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、鍾啟榮(Chi-Rung Chung)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng), Gap between the fragment and the tibia affects the stability of tibial tubercle osteotomy: A finite element study, MEDICAL ENGINEERING & PHYSICS, vol.68 pp.57-64, 2019
2019 張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、鍾啟榮(Chi-Rung Chung)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng), Finite element study of the effects of fragment shape and screw configuration on the mechanical behavior of tibial tubercle osteotomy, Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery, vol.27 pp.1-9, 2019
2019 常閎智(Hung Chih Chang)、李泓原(Hung Yuan Li)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、王兆祥(Chau Hsiang Wang), Mechanical analysis of a dental implant system under 3 contact conditions and with 2 mechanical factors, JOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY, vol.4 no.7 pp.376-382, 2019
2018 張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、鍾玉軒(Yu-Hsuan Chung)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng), Role of screw proximity in the fixation of transverse patellar fractures with screws and a wire, Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery, vol.26 no.3, 2018
2018 李佩淵(Pei-Yuan Lee)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、胡晉嘉(Jin-Jia Hu)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang), Comparison of Mechanical Stability of Elastic Titanium, Nickel-Titanium, and Stainless Steel Nails Used in the Fixation of Diaphyseal Long Bone Fractures, Materials, vol.11, 2018
2017 陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、李佩淵(Pei-Yuan Lee)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、何奕宏(Yi-Hung Ho)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li), Biomechanical investigation of titanium elastic nail prebending for treating diaphyseal long bone fractures, AUSTRALASIAN PHYSICAL & ENGINEERING SCIENCES IN MEDICINE, vol.40 no.1 pp.115-126, 2017
2017 彭耀德(Yao?Te Peng)、曾崇智(Chung?Chih Tseng)、杜翌群(Yi?Chun Du)、陳彥年(Yen?Nien Chen,)、張志涵(Chih?Han Chang), A novel conversion method for radiographic guide into surgical guide, Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, vol.19 no.3 pp.447-457, 2017
2017 陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、林家偉(Chia-Wei Lin)、王智偉(Chih-Wei Wang)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li), Numerical investigation of fracture impaction in proximal humeral fracture fixation with locking plate and intramedullary nail, INTERNATIONAL ORTHOPAEDICS, vol.41 no.7 pp.1471-1480, 2017
2017 李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、Kuo-Yuan Huang、Chien-Feng Kung、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、Yen-Ting Tseng、Kuen-Horng Tsai, Evaluation of the effect of different sitting assistive devices in reclining wheelchair on interface pressure, Biomedical Engineering Online, vol.16 no.1, 2017
2016 Yung-Heng Lee、Chi-Jen Chung、Chih-Wei Wang、Yao-Te Peng、Chih-Han Chang、Chih-Hsien Chen、Yen-Nien Chen、Chun-Ting Li, Computational comparison of three posterior lumbar interbody fusion techniques by using porous titanium interbody cages with 50% porosity, COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, vol.71 pp.35-45, 2016
2016 陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、李佩淵(Pei-Yuan Lee)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、何奕宏(Yi-Hung Ho)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng), Computational comparison of tibial diaphyseal fractures fixed with various degrees of prebending of titanium elastic nails and with and without end caps, INJURY-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE CARE OF THE INJURED, vol.47 no.10 pp.2339-2346, 2016
2016 李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng)、曾彥廷(Yen-Ting Tseng)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、蔡昆宏(Kuen-Horng Tsai), Comparing the effects of different dynamic sitting strategies in wheelchair seating on lumbar-pelvic angle, BMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS, vol.17 no.1, 2016
2015 陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、林呈鳳(Cheng-Feng Lin), Finite element analysis of plantar fascia during walking: a quasi-static simulation, FOOT & ANKLE INTERNATIONAL, vol.36 no.1 pp.90-97, 2015
2015 李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、城致軒(Chih-Hsien Chen)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、蔡昆宏(Kuen-Horng Tsai), Biomechanical evaluation of a novel wheelchair backrest for elderly people, Biomedical Engineering Online, vol.14, 2015
2015 張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting L)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang), Role of the compression screw in the dynamic hip–screw system: A finite-element study, MEDICAL ENGINEERING & PHYSICS, vol.37 no.12 pp.1174-1179, 2015
2014 李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li,)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、蔡昆宏(Kuen-Horng Tsai), The effects of backward adjustable thoracic support in wheelchair on spinal curvature and back muscle activation for elderly people, PLoS One, vol.9 no.11, 2014
Date of Publication Paper Title
2019.04 城致軒(Chih-Hsien Chen)、何奕宏(Yi-Hung Ho)、王智偉(Chih-Wei Wang)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li), 2019 9th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Apr. 2019, Tokyo, Japan
2017.11 陳彥年(Yen-Nien Chen)、張志偉(Chih-Wei Chang)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang)、李俊廷(Chun-Ting Li)、彭耀德(Yao-Te Peng), 38th SICOT Orthopedic World Congress, Nov. 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
Project Title Participator Period
彈性髓內釘於脛骨骨幹骨折固定之靜態與動態穩定度分析與評估 (109-2222-E-468-001-MY2) 陳彥年(Chen Yen Nien)、李佩淵(Pei-Yuan Lee)、張志涵(Chih-Han Chang) 2020.03 ~ 2022.07
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 TR300006A 物理治療導論 113
大學日間部 TR300014A 肌動學 113
大學日間部 TR300017A 物理因子學 113
大學日間部 TR300018A 物理因子學實習 113
大學日間部 TR300029A 骨科物理治療學(一) 113
大學日間部 TR300043A 外科學概論 113
大學日間部 TR300052A 臨床實習(三) 113
大學日間部 TR300074A 學輔時間(四) 113
大學日間部 TR300076A 大體解剖學(二) 113
大學日間部 TR300077A 大體解剖學實驗(二) 113
大學日間部 TR300080A 醫療器材概論 113
大學日間部 TR300094A 物理治療生涯規劃 113
大學日間部 TR300094A 物理治療生涯規劃 113
大學日間部 TR300094A 物理治療生涯規劃 113
大學日間部 TR300094A 物理治療生涯規劃 113
大學日間部 TR300094A 物理治療生涯規劃 113
大學日間部 TR300094A 物理治療生涯規劃 113
大學日間部 TR300094A 物理治療生涯規劃 113
大學日間部 TR300094A 物理治療生涯規劃 113
大學日間部 TR300095A 物理治療趨勢與新知 113
大學日間部 TR300095A 物理治療趨勢與新知 113
大學日間部 TR300095A 物理治療趨勢與新知 113
大學日間部 TR300095A 物理治療趨勢與新知 113
大學日間部 TR300095A 物理治療趨勢與新知 113
大學日間部 TR300095A 物理治療趨勢與新知 113
大學日間部 TR300096A 臨床見習(一) 113
大學日間部 TR300098A 臨床實習(一) 113
大學日間部 TR300099A 臨床實習(二) 113
大學日間部 TR300101A 骨科物理治療學實習 (一) 113
大學日間部 TR300114A 醫學影像判讀 113
大學日間部 XDU00274A 復健學概論 113