Department of Physical Therapy

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            The perfect combination of 
Artificial Intelligence and Physical Therapy




1.Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence. 

   The ability to control one's bodily motions and the capacity to handle objects skillfully. Examples of those proficient in this intelligence include the actor, mime,craftsperson, athlete, dancer, and sculptor.
2.Linguistic Intelligence. 
3.Spatial Intelligence. 
4.Musical Intelligence. 
5.Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. 
6.Intrapersonal Intelligence. 
7.Interpersonal Intelligence. 
8.Naturalist Intelligence. 

Frequency Entrapment

Brain wave resonance induction - can reduce the clinical symptoms of stroke / Parkinson / cerebellum


Upper limbs:

Intelligent AI assessment + virtual reality + physical therapy to improve degenerative limb function


Intelligent AI Assessment:

Body Motion Detection + Image Analysis



3D Game (Upper Limb)


Virtual reality + physical therapy:

For example

big action drums (AI) determine the difficulty.

(AI) decide to fly or drive

(AI) Determine the difficulty Program